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Mahi Mahi
Another nice catch

Huge Kingie


Sport fishing is perhaps one of the greatest challenges that faces the modern angler. The aim is to catch as-big-a-fish as possible, on as-light-a-line as possible. The aim of the game is to catch the largest fish possible on the lightest of lines. We offer this challenge to our clients by enabling them to catch some monster Mahi Mahi. Also known as Dolphin fish these species are spectacular, aerobatic fighters. Freshly caught, they lights up in beautiful shades of green and yellow.

Allie Hunter is able to catch Mahi Mahi on demand! We have our very own FADs (Fish Attracting Devices) laid in deep water a number of kilometres off Sydney... sorry, the exact whereabouts is secret!

Although clients can use any rod and reel they wish, we recommend using 6Kg line class for the true sport fishing experience. We chase these fish using livebaits, lures and soft plastics.

The centre cab deck is ideal for saltwater fly fishing.

How's this for a Kingfish? To catch one of these, you will need heavier line than 6Kg unless you are prepared for a very long, time-consuming battle.


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